Impromptu Adventures – BMW R1200GS Farkle List

No motorcycle feels like your own until you’ve dressed it up to fit the riding and experience you’re looking for. Everyone’s needs are of course completely different but when out on rides I get a lot of questions over the little gadgets on my bike so I thought I’d compile a list of what’s on it and offer a short blurb on each part.

Farkles Galore

Comfort is the most important factor and was the first thing I dialed in when I got my bike a few years ago. The R1200GS is pretty nice out of the gate but the seat acted as a torture device on my first ride more than a couple hours. It took a few more long trips before I tackled stretching the legs out just a bit.
SeatTouratech DriRide – I was a cyclist before I was a motorcyclist so the firm seat with great breathing properties resonated with me. I have no regrets on this purchase at all. I’ve logged many 7+ hour days, some in temperatures over 110 degrees Fahrenheit and this seat lived up to every expectation. It lets the breathable Gore-Tex do it’s thing, the fabric has stayed in great shape over 10,000 miles in the scorching CA sun and has weathered some rain storms beautifully.
FootpegsSW MoTech Footpegs – These have an option to lower the position by 3/4″ or to run at the standard height. Since I wasn’t 100% sure I needed a lower position these were a great purchase. In the end, the 3/4″ was a perfect amount to stretch out just a tiny bit but not greatly increase the odds of dragging a pedal around a corner.

See and Be SeenClearwater Darla + Erica – Big yellow light mounted in the fog light position and some smaller clear lights on the fork. Perfect for seeing well and also being seen by others. I definitely noticed more drivers being more aware of my presence after these were installed. The stock LED lights on the R1200GS aren’t great so my own ability to see (around corners especially) was drastically improved.

PanniersBMW Vario Touring Cases – If you’re doing true adventure riding in the dirt this probably isn’t the case for you as there are more sturdy options, but if you’re pounding lots of pavement these are simply perfect. They expand and contract allowing you to change the profile and capacity and they fit and look great!
NavigationBMW Navigator VI made by Garmin – This is an expensive no-brainer option. It integrated far too well with the bike to go for a less expensive option. It’s a bit quirky, but it gets the job done well
Intercom/SpeakersSena 10U – These sit inside my Schuberth C3 Pro helmet perfectly. While wearing earplugs, I hear the voice navigation instructions, music and/or my riding partner perfectly!


CameraGarmin Virb 360 – These little gem of a camera gives 360 degree recording and also integrates with the BMW Navigator VI for easy controls. The quality is great, the Garmin video editing software is simple and produces very stable video.
Powered CradleGarmin Powered Mount – Connect a USB jack to your powerlet and keep constant power to your Camera!
Camera Turn Signal MountAction Camera Left Turn Signal Mount – While this blocks some of the view of the 360 camera, it is a stealth and steady way to mount your action camera. It is super easy to install and works with GoPro as well!
Lens Cover – Protective Lens Cover – This is great for when I take the camera off and throw it in my panniers to keep the lenses scratchfree!

Bike Protection
Engine Guards
Altrider Crash Bars – The best thing about these is that you can remove the valve covers easily which many crash bars don’t allow. You may notice than when installed they sit unevenly with the cylinder heads. That’s because the cylinder heads are actually a little off center from one another so there’s no way to avoid this. Very nice of Alt-Rider to explain this to me.